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The overall output of the project will be the improved solid waste and wastewater infrastructures and promotion of biowastes separation at source and treatment, which will contribute to the sustainable management and recycling of bio-wastes.

Direct outputs will be:

  • The dissemination of the project’s aims, progress and results, through 2 general conferences, 4 thematic ones, printed info material (5 booklets and posters),  a radio spot to be transmitted on the Greek side and the official project’s website, the elaboration of 3 studies, as tools for waste flow control, reduction of waste, utilization options and potentials (according to the detailed supplement submitted), the evaluation of composting indicators through analysis of the chemical and physical characteristics of bio-wastes and  compost.
  • The implementation of various types of training courses (for an estimate of 26 municipal staff involved in the everyday operation of the plants, 150 local citizens aimed to be developed to users, and 80 unemployed as an incentive from mobilizing them towards new economic sectors).
  • The establishment and operation of 2 pilot composting plants on the Greek side, reconstruction of Sveti Nikole’s waste water purification station, a pilot composting plant at Komunalec’s premises and provision of 1 waste collection equipment.